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Become a nutritional consultant!

The Academy of Holistic Health provides board certification for our approved nutrition consultants, educated at select qualified schools in Canada.

We are a community of holistic nutrition consultants, educated to the level of excellence in both clinical and community nutrition and practice. 

There is a professional standard of care for nutrition clients by ensuring that our members meet our requirements: the four E's -- excellence, education, expertise, and ethics.

Aspire to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant and receive your CNC from the Academy of Holistic Health. 

We are based just outside Vancouver. Our board of directors are from all walks of life, all with a passion for science, excellent educational backgrounds, and an auto-pilot for good nutritional practice.  

We help nutrition consultant move ahead by giving leadership, continuing education resources, entrepreneuring advice, referrals, and small business support.

If you desire to make a difference in the field of nutrition, consider serving a term on our board:

Apply to our board of directors.

Our practitioners invite you to look deeper into what makes a successful clinician in the academic field of nutrition and nutritional consulting. Our combined experience in this field invites you to be successful, and provide for a client base from your skills and education. You can motivate people to change in a positive direction, to better their health. You can manage disease from a nutritional standpoint. You can improve the health of your community and thus change the world! 

These days, just about anything is possible with a strategy in a global community. Join the community of Academy nutrition consultants and let it color your world, your palate, and your practice.

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